Tips On Cleaning When You Are Moving In 

Moving into a new space is fun. It excites movers to be productive and creative. However, before moving on with those, you need to start cleaning first. The best way to ensure your creative juices amounts to a good output is by ensuring you are doing it on a clean slate.   


A house or an apartment can be overwhelming to clean, especially when you see all the nook and cranny in the space you are moving into. However, here are tips on cleaning to help you sort it out and avoid getting overwhelmed with the cleaning process.   

  1. High to Low 

When cleaning space, the floors are never left out. Since it gets dust and dirt pretty easily, it is always to include it in the cleaning process. However, when it comes to your storage, ceiling, and other high areas in your home, you may not be putting in enough effort. These high places mentioned are often left out because they are not easily accessible. To make sure you are starting your creative and productive muscles right when designing your bare living space, ensure that you clean from high to low areas of your new home.    

  1. Clean all the areas in the kitchen 

To start cleaning up your kitchen or cooking area: 

  1. Follow the high to low rule. 
  2. Start with the lighting in your kitchen, the ceiling and its corners, as well as the top area of your cabinets and storage. 
  3. After cleaning these areas, go over your kitchen appliances next. 
  4. Make your stovetop sparkly and inviting enough to cook in. 

More than that, never forget to put enough effort into cleaning the inside and the outside of your microwave, countertops, sink, and dishwasher. Make sure you go over everything before proceeding with your kitchen floors. If you have stubborn stains on your stovetop that’s making the cleaning time stretch, then grab yourself some baking soda to make the process easier.   

  1. Don’t skip the bathroom 

The bathroom does not merely need a spotless clean but also a clean assurance thorough disinfecting. Scrub the floors and the walls for that spotless bathroom aim and follow up with antibacterial solution sprays you can get in stores. This is a way to get rid of the extra germs that the naked eye cannot see. In addition to a clean bathroom, disinfect areas that hold the things you always need when you visit the bathroom, including your paper towel holder, door handle, light switch, and bathroom faucets.   

  1. Go ahead and make your floors sparkle 

The floors are last because when cleaning, dust can accumulate on the ground. Vacuum your floor to get rid of any dust and dirt and follow up with mopping it. This will help get rid of the extra dust that was not removed in the vacuuming process. To achieve a deep clean, you can also invest in scrubbing the grout or the gap between your tiles as well. With this strategy, you will not be repeating cleaning your floor area now and then.   

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