Myths about Trees

Everyone probably thinks that they know things that there is to know about trees. After all, a tree is something that we see every day everywhere we go. It is also something that is taught to us at a very young age: trees are good. Trees provide oxygen essential for human life. Trees prevent soil erosion. Trees need light and water. Trees protect the atmosphere by taking in carbon dioxide, and more. However, there are still things that we still yet to know about trees. Here are the following:

1.Everyone is capable of planting trees correctly

This is the very reason why out of all millions of tree planting done worldwide, only a considerable percentage of them produce healthy plants that have the potential to grow to maturity. While it is true that a tree can just grow so long as it is provided with light and water, it still needs more techniques such as pruning, trimming, and fertilization as what you can see in tree trimming Oahu services. Furthermore, it might even cost you materials as well as pesticides and herbicides.

2.More water is better

Disillusion yourself from thinking that more water is better to make the trees healthier. Too much of anything can be harmful, and this applies to water and even light. It is important to identify first the variety of the species you have and its needs. Some tree species drown when provided with too much water.

3.The tallest and the bushiest tree at the nursery is what I should buy

Height and bushy leaves can elude you into thinking it is a healthy tree, while it can actually be on the contrary. Aesthetics will never determine the health of the tree or plant. You need to take into consideration factors like tree trunk, root system, branches, that are most difficult to identify.

4.More mulch is better

Similar to the wrong notion of water, more mulch does not necessarily mean healthier trees. It is true that mulch, in general, can suppress weeds, protects the plant from extreme heat, and holds moisture for the plants to consume. A two to three-inch mulch can provide these, however, too much mulch can negatively affect aeration and moisture which are both essential for keeping your plant and trees healthy.

5.Trees do not need maintenance so long as they get light and water

This thinking comes from the notion of wild trees being able to survive without human maintenance. While trees really grow uninterrupted at wild forests, it is important to take note that trees grew in residential and commercial areas have to contend with several stressors such as limited rooting areas, pollution, confined spaces, compacted soil, concrete, etc. Thus, they need more care and love.

6.Tree wounds can heal

Trees wall off damaged parts from healthy areas in a process called compartmentalization. This is why it is important to be careful with how you use equipment and tools that could harm your plants and trees.

Trees are complex. They need extra as they are also able to provide humans, animals, all of the essential things to life such as air, shelter, food, and more. By knowing more about trees, we do hope we get to appreciate them more.

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