Essential oils are probably one of the best products natures has to offer. For centuries, essential oils have been used to remedy common ailments and infuse aromas into our homes. Everyone has used essential oils at some point in their life or even every day.  

The common day to day products that we use has essential oils. From our perfumes, lotions, shampoos and even food. Its fragrance brings us calmness and peace and it also has medicinal value. You have all the reasons why keeping essential oils in your home is a must, and here are the 7 essential oils you must have:  

Cannabis Terpene Oils  

Cannabis is a very popular plant. Though it is still judged by some experts, its medicinal value is undeniable. One of the compounds found in cannabis is terpenes. Terpene is present in all plants, responsible for aromas or scent. Cannabis has variety of terpenes that works as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and even cancer prevention. Buy terpenes now and choose from the variety of cannabis terpene oils. Do not worry as terpenes are non-psychoactive.  

Cinnamon Oil  

This essential oil brings sensual and a very cool aroma in your life. Cinnamon is very common in households for baking and other dishes. But cinnamon oil has health benefits you will surely love. Cinnamon oil can aid in clearing chest colds, it can be applied topically to relieve muscle pains and works as an analgesic agent to aid in common pains.  

Lemongrass Oil  

Lemongrass makes our overbaked meats yummier. You can find it in your plate most of the time, but it in essential oil form it does more wonders. Lemongrass oil can be used as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. And if you want to keep away mosquitoes and other insects it also works as an effective insect repellant.  

Lavender Oil  

Who does not love lavender? Lavenders is a very beautiful flower and its oil also as beautiful and beneficial to health. Lavender oil is the most common essential oil used to aid in sleeping. If you have trouble sleeping, take a whiff of lavender oil or surround your room with its scent.  

Tea Tree Oil  

This essential oil holds a lot of wonders. Tea tree oil is packed with health benefits, that is why is really a must have. Tea tree oil contains anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-cancer properties. It is also used to kill oral bacteria and cure gingivitis. It fights the flu and can be used to cure dandruff too.  

Rosemary oil  

Rosemary oil has amazing healing properties. When inhaled, it has been proven to aid in boosting your immune system. It is very easy to use in case you want to release your stress. Just by inhaling or smelling rosemary oil you can reap its benefits. It can also be infused with other essential oils such as eucalyptus for more efficacy.  

Peppermint Oil  

If you are tired, popping Advil’s or Aspirins, try peppermint oil. This essential oil is proven to treat headache. Also, it is anti-microbial, anti-fungal and has antioxidant properties. Peppermint oil can also help improve you focus and memory and help soothe nausea.